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Universal Design
User-friendly for everyone - it's our basic concept of creating glass containers.
Universal Design is meant to design and produce products and environments to be accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender and capability. Toyo Glass has been pursuing user-friendly shapes and functions of glass containers from the view of human engineering thus developing glass containers with functions which are easy to hold, easy to pour and/or easy to open.
Toyo Glass's Basic Concept and Principle of Universal Design.
Under the basic concept and principle of Universal Design, we have developed glass containers which make more people feel comfortable to use.
To create an attractive design which makes
more people feel easy to use.
1. Express in an understandable way in order to provide information a user needs.
2. Make it easier to use a glass container with a low-impact to the user.
3. Have a simple functional beauty which seeks user-friendliness.
Toyo Glass's Universal Design Stock Items.
Ultra Lightweight Bottle for Milk -"Z900"
[ Z900 ] [ 従来びん ] [ Z900 ]
Z900 Previous
  In order to improve user-friendliness for the elderly and children, we reduced the weight of 900 ml bottles for milk by 40% (460g ⇒ 280g) and made the body diameter smaller. With the resin coating, this ultra lightweight bottle can be used as a returnable bottle.
Award :
Good Design Universal Design Award (2000)
Good Design Long Life Design Award (2010)
Lightweight Bottle for Milk -“Z200KJ”
[ 従来びん ] [ Z200KJ ] [ Z200KJ ]
Z200KJ Z200KJ
  The weight of the 200g bottle for milk was been decreased by half. This lightweight bottle, the "Z200KJ", is used for milk delivery and in school cafeterias and contributes to lessen the burden on delivery people and school children.
Award :
Good Design Universal Design Award (2001)
Universal Design Jars for Food
[ UDA380ST ] [ UD食料びんシリーズ ]
UDA380ST Universal Design Jars for Food
  By narrowing the diameter of upper or lower container body parts, these jars become easy-to-grip and open. The shape of the narrowed container body is designed based on human engineering data.
Award :
Good Design Award (2002)
Ultra Lightweight Bottle for drinks -“J230”
[ J230 ] [ J230 ]のガラス断面
J230 Cross-section Surface
of the J230 bottle
  The bottle "J230" is about 46% lighter than conventional drink bottles of the same capacity. Its slim shape makes the bottle stylish and easy-to-hold.
Award :
Good Design Award (2008)
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