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Ramune Bottle
The Ramune bottle is our original and has a unique shape which has been designated specially for carbonated drinks. This bottle features a glass ball inside the plastic cap.
Before you drink from this bottle, you will push down the glass ball and the ball will fall and stay at the dented part of the neck of the bottle.
It is used not only in Japan but also in other countries of the world.
How to cap
Pull down the handle of the capping machine
How to open / drink
Press the marble down. Hold the marble between the two dented parts when drinking

*We recommend you to try capping on your side before purchasing. If you need samples, please contact us.

Bottle Specifications
We have two types of Ramune bottle;

<TG Ramune 200N>

<TG Ramune 200 NEJI>

*This bottle is used only for carbonated drinks of which the inner pressure is
below 4.0kg/cm2 (20℃). When you send us an inquiry, please advise us what kind of
carbonated drink you are going to fill in this bottle. Then, we will let you know
whether this bottle would be suitable for such a carbonated drink.
An inquiry for the quantity below MOQ is also welcome.
*Please refer to other standard bottles of Toyo Glass:
Closure Specifications


The bottle was originally developed in the UK, and the marble was already inside the bottle,
however our bottle and its cap are unique and the marble is pre-assembled in our specialized cap.
In Japan, Ramune bottle has been very popular since a very long time ago especially at summer festival.


If you are interested in our Ramune bottle, please contact us.

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