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Resin Coating (TMC®)
Resin Coating to expand the possibility of glass containers.
TMC® (Toyo Multi Coat), developed by Toyo Glass, is a resin coating with great expressiveness, functionality, environment-friendliness, and safety. There are two(2) kinds of TMC®, one is for adding color variations to one-way bottles and the other is to make it possible for lightweight bottles to be returnable. And, our TMC® is completely free of endocrine disruptors so it's safe to use as a package for food and beverages. TMC(Toyo Multi Coat)
Color Variation for one-way bottles
The main feature of TMC® for one-way bottles is the wide variation in colors and effects. Colors and effects, such as warm colors, frosting effects and alabaster effects using TMC®, are able to extend the range of expression of glass containers.
By applying TMC® with a UV cut function, it becomes possible to protect any content which is susceptible to ultraviolet rays.
After use, the TMC coated bottles can be recycled as a non-coated glass container.
Color Variation
Frosting Effects
Coating for returnable bottles
TMC® for returnable bottles is applied to protect any glass surface from scratches which cause a reduction in product strength. Also, it can extend the product life of returnable bottles by maintaining its good appearance.
Coated returnable bottles
for milk
Coated returnable bottles
for seasoning/soft drinks
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