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Printing (ACL : Applied Ceramic Label)
ACL (Applied Ceramic Label) Printing is the oldest type of decoration for glass bottles, which prints directly on the glass surface.
Screen printing makes a glass bottle vivid and luxurious.
Since inorganic inks are used for ACL, which are melted and fused to glass at a lower temperature than the melting temperature of glass, it has high chemical resistance and can be used for printing on returnable bottles.
Multicolor Printing
With our state-of-the-art multicolor printing equipment, it is possible to print on variously-shaped bottles with high accuracy. Colorfully printed bottles can enhance the attraction of your product.
Embossing Printing
Embossing Printing is to add a visual effect as well as a texture similar to a paper label to a glass surface.
Embossing Printing
for Wine Bottle
  Embossing Printing
for Shochu Bottle
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