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MFe (Multi-Functional eyes)
  • High-speed handling of up to 300bpm by servo-drive and out-feed device
  • Capable of handling glass containers with a
    Body Diameter of φ20〜φ165mm
    Height of 45〜400mm
    Round shape
  • Oval and Rectangular glass containers also can be handled when needed.
  • Four standard rotating stations (up to ten can be added) and two static stations.
  • One sensor for"Check" detection on a rotating station, and two sensors for "Wavy Top", and "Height and Corkage" on two static stations are included as standard (up to ten optical sensors can be added).
  • Safety-conscious with
    seven emergency stop buttons
    an overall safety cover
    sensors to prevent fallen glass containers from being loaded
  • Less inspection lines required
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