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Cullet Separation Device / CELVSS
"CELVSS"-Developed for cullet quality improvement
"CELVSS"stands for Ceramic Lead Vision Separation System.
A lot of foreign particles (ceramics, metals, etc) are included in cullet collected from municipal glass collection facilities. Such foreign particles cause negative effects on glass container quality and impede quality improvement in glass container production.
In 2004, Toyo Glass developed "CELVSS" using the combination of the technology accumulated for our glass inspections.
As of August 2011, a total of 15 sets of CELVSS units have been sold to Japanese cullet processing companies.
Approximate Size of a CELVSS unit
 Color sorting mechanism 
CELVSS consists of two functions: metal detection by a metal detector and color sorting by a color sorting camera. Cullet put into CELVSS from a vibrating feeder passes through the metal detector and then the color sorting camera. Foreign particles are rejected by a blast of compressed air.
CELVSS I / conventional type
Foreign particle removal from single-color cullet
Undesired colored glass and foreign particles (metals and ceramics) are rejected from single color cullet.
  Accepted   Rejected
CELVSS II / new type
Collection of a particular color cullet from mixed color cullet
Only desired color cullet is selected from mixed color cullet. It is capable of sorting a particular color cullet regardless of whether it is transparent or opaque.
  Accepted   Rejected
Point1 Design based on unique algorithm
  The algorithm has come from the combination of the technology accumulated for the development of bottle inspection machines and devices, and our knowledge about glass compositions and properties.
Point2 LED light source
  It uses a white LED emitter which is more reliable and has a longer life than a fluorescent lamp.
Point3 Sophisticated metal detector
  It uses sophisticated metal detector solely developed by Toyo Glass.
Point4 User-friendly control unit
  It can designate a target cullet color simply by pressing a select button on the control unit.
Point5 Simple and tough structure
  An easy-to-use and reliable feeder is used. Its structure is so simple that undesired cullet or particle is detected and rejected as collected cullet freely falls inside the machine. The user can be assured that trouble will be prevented.

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